The Best Young Players In The German Bundesliga

We’re starting off our comprehensive list of the best young players potential on the FIFA 14 career mode with the German Bundesliga. If you are looking for top class talent to develop that’s still young, then this is where you’ll get the list of players from. We are going to cover a lot more of the leagues in the next week, so if we haven’t covered your preferred league yet, then make sure you look out for that specific post.

FIFA 14 Bundesliga Best Players

FIFA 14 Bundesliga Best Players

Marc-André ter Stegen – GK (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

If you play in the top tier of German football, then this goalkeeper is an absolute must! His overall rating starts at 80, and his potential can grow to a whopping 88 depending on how well you perform with him in matches. He’s a terrific shot-stopper and he quickly develops over time as well.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos – CB (FC Schalke 04)

Papadopoulos is a really tough centre back that’s got a lot of strength and an amazing leap on him to win almost any Arial battles. His rating starts at 78, but his potential is 86 which isn’t bad at all.

Matthias Ginter – CB (SC Freiburg)

Ginter starts out with an overall rating of 75 at the age of 20, but don’t let that put you off buying him. He quickly develops and can reach a rating of 85 which makes him definitely worth investing in.

Jonathan Tah – RB (Hamburger SV)

This handy right-back does take some developing, as his starting statistics are 60, but he can grow to an 84 rated full back at his peak.

David Alaba – LB (Bayern Munich)

There’s not that much that can be said about Alaba that hasn’t already been said by many FIFA fans and football pundits from every part of the world. A huge prospect that’s already won the Uefa Champions League at the age of 20, now 21 his starting stats are at a real high of 81 and he can reach a massive 87 if his performances are adequate throughout his career.

Leon Goretzka – CM (FC Schalke 04)

This neat upcoming prospect starts out with an abysmal 68 rating, but his potential is an unbelievable 86! Once his full potential is reached, he is a accomplished passer and possesses terrific ball control. He’s a player that’s definitely worth investing in for sure.

Emre Can – CM (Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

With 68 as his beginning statistics, this player develops at a rapid pace and can grow in potential to an incredible 85 rating. Even is you loan him out he still grows in value and stats over time, so he’s a certainty.

Kevin Volland – RM (1899 Hoffenheim)

Volland starts out with a 77 rating at the tender age of 21, but a reasonable 85 can be reached depending on his performances on the field. He has really good shot power, stamina, and balance to give you an extra option out on the right wing.

Xherdan Shaqiri – RM (Bayern Munich)

Shaqiri is one of the most talked about youngsters in world football at this present moment in time, and his stats are sure to improve in next years FIFA 15 title. He starts out with a rating of 80, but you can get him up to 86 relatively easily.

Julian Draxler – LM (FC Schalke 04)

Draxler is another one of those players that Germany have high hopes for the future, he plays on the left but he can also take up the role of a CAM as well. Starting out at 80, he can grow to an astonishing 90 rating quite easily. With stats such as 98 ball control, 97 dribbling, 96 long shots, and 96 shot power, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Maximilian Meyer – CAM (FC Schalke 04)

Now this player starts out with a 65 rating, but you can reach 86 with him at quite an early stage of his career. We recommend that you get him if you’re building a Bundesliga outfit.

Mario Götze – CAM (Bayern Munich)

If you don’t know who Mario Götze is, then you’ll need to start watching your football games a little more. The German International is a household name throughout the world today, and on the FIFA 14 career mode, he can reach a 93 rating with a lot of effort put into him. All you have to do is pick him for almost every game and he’ll reach it with no problem.

Heung-Min Son – ST (Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

The upcoming South Korean prospect can reach a 85 potential over a long stretch of time, he’s worth purchasing if you’re building a Bundesliga squad in particular. The great thing about him, is that he acquires the complete forward attribute as well.

Arkadiusz Milik – ST (Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

The Polish striker starts out with a very low 86 rating, but his potential is at 84, so he can turn out to be a good little centre forward in the end.