How To Use Teammate Control On FIFA 15 Solved

Carrying on with our defending tips, we wanted to show players how to effectively use the teammate control feature on FIFA 15 whilst in defence. This is one of the most under-used features in the whole game and needs to be used a lot more by gamers. Take a look at our video tutorial below and find out how you can use this to your advantage in games by positioning players in the right areas on the pitch.

As you can see from the above footage, it’s all about putting your defenders in the correct positions on the pitch and placing the defender you’ll be in the areas where he can intercept the ball from the opposition. By pressing and holding RB (for Xbox) or R1 (for PlayStation) this will drag out more defenders to help tackle the opponent and it’s called teammate control.

Although we do suggest that this is one of the most effective ways of retrieving the ball back for your team, it’s also not to be overused. You must only press that button when there’s either a crowded penalty area full of players or when your opponent is on the wings. You’ve got to be careful with the computer controlled AI as they do tend to give away a lot of free-kicks and in some cases penalties for their no-care approach to tackling.

In the clips shown above in our tutorial, we showcase not just when to use the teammate control, but also when not to use it in defence. It would be a good idea to repeatedly watch the video and study it for a while just to get an idea of the timing in your head. It can be very difficult to process information like this at a fast rate, so you can always come back to this page or visit our YouTube channel to watch the video again at a later date whenever you want.

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  • Hey man these tips are really helpful.
    I was a bit of a Fifa noob especially when I picked up 15, going really well now completed the FUT online season vs AI WorldClass to Div 1 and Progressing up the online seasons also, so cheers!