Our Top FIFA 15 Defending Tips Tutorial

FIFA 15 Tackling

FIFA 15 Tackling

So after the game has been out for little over a month we’ve finally got our top FIFA 15 defending tips (tutorial) ready for you gamers to learn how to get more clean sheets in matches. We done a YouTube video that visually shows you how to defend in a variety of scenarios and come out on top with the ball at your feet. You can check out that video and watch in super HD below.

With all of the new features involved in the new title, it’s still very important to be a solid outfit at the back even with the next-gen goalkeepers protecting you from goals. This alone is not enough to stop the likes of clinical finishers such as Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and Aguero. You need more to your game and that’s why we took it upon ourselves to feed you all of our very best tips to defending.

Defending Tips (The Basics)

How To Use Teammate Control Tutorial

How To Defend From Corners

Using Jockeying In Defence To Win The Ball

Patient Build-Up Play – Passing From The Back

View our full list of defensive tips and tutorials above and become a better all-round defender in no-time at all.

There are so many different controls that are at our fingertips on FIFA 15, and it still surprises us today that not every player chooses to use these functions in helping them to concede fewer goals. From the likes of Teammate control, heading away danger, dealing with crosses in the box, to using strength effectively, sliding your opponent with precise timing and becoming an intercepting king.

  • Do not understand what Ian doing in career mode but keep getting sacked for disciplinary problems!

    • Pah ha ha ha ha haaaaa! this happened to me last year and I couldnt work it out.

      Is your kinect generally on? You might not have turned off ‘kinect referee’, the option comes up the very first time you start the game with kinect turned on. Check out your Kinect settings in the ‘my fifa’ section.

      If this fixes it, I suggest you wash your mouth out with soap! less swearing more scoring!

  • how to bolster defence or foward in career mode??