How To Activate FIFA 16 Financial Takeover

One of the most desired things in FIFA 16 Career Mode is the ability to have a lot of money for transfers to buy the players that you want for your squads. One way to do this nice and quick is to unlock the financial takeover item from the EASFC Catalogue. Learn how to do this by watching the HD video tutorial below or read on if you don’t like watching videos.

You need from the main menu to go to the end on the right under the customise tab and then you’ll see the catalogue on the right. Go into it and then you want to scroll across to the Career tab and under that you will see everything that you can unlock for Career Mode. There’s a financial takeover for level 10, 25 and 35 so in total there’s three to get. The higher they are means the more money that you’ll get for your transfer kitty.

Simply select any level you want and then it’ll say redeem now, once you confirm the item will be yours and you’ll have money in form of a Billionaire taking over the club that you manage in Career mode. Make sure that you already have a saved game done before unlocking this item as it will waste it otherwise.

To level up you just have to play FIFA 16 on any game mode and if you played last years installment then you will be at the level that you left it at which is a nice touch by EA Sports. You should get around 99 million next time you load up or continue career with the lowest one at level 10 and more as you progress. Note though, that it says you get this cash injection once per season but this is in-fact untrue and it’s a glitch in the game where you only ever get the money once.

Once you’ve got your funds you can select how much to put for your transfer activities and your wage structure which is important. Also if you played 15 then you can also redeem an increase in your initial starting budget which is another way to get more money to play with.


  • The financial takeover didn’t work for me how do I get it to work?

  • does it work if you activate it in January

  • Hi.
    I’ve tried to use the financial takeover on fifa 16 and it doesn’t work.
    How can I resolve this problem?

  • I bought it for my Shamrock Rovers Career Mode and waited at least 3 weeks and never got it! I play on Xbox 360 plz help

    • Hi Billy, it should work and i don’t understand why it shouldn’t to be honest but just use the FIFA 16 career mode cheats instead, you can find them here on the site and it’ll give you millions to spend each season.

  • I bought the level 10 financial takeover in my shamrock rovers career mode, it gave me the money then I simmed on one day and it took it off me. Please help!!

  • When I bought the financial takeover in game I dindnt give me until I bought all 3. Plz help me plz

  • How do you get the financial takeover