How To Grow Young Players Potential On FIFA 16

This is an in-depth tutorial on how to grow young players potential on FIFA 16 Career Mode with the potential glitch so that your stars of the future will become household names instead of average players. Take a look at the full HD tutorial below to learn all the tips in a step-by-step explanation.

In last years installment it was fairly easy to glitch the players potential but EA Sports have made it a lot harder for gamers this year. The first thing you’ll want to set out to do is select all of the young wonderkids that you want for your squad for years and seasons to come. After you have bought them you will need to wait until the recently arrived from has disappeared which takes between 6 months to a year to go away.

When it’s gone you will see all of your players status, each has a meaning and we will go through all of them so that you understand what each means.

The Players Ages For The Glitch To Work

Now not all players can have their potential glitched, it only works for players in a specific age category and that is between 16 years old and 21 years of age. After a player has reached his 22nd birthday, their status will change back to at the club since (when you bought him) and he will develop according to what potential you ended up getting him.

Players Status

The worst two that you really don’t want to see are has that something special and at the club since! You need to dodge these at all costs as your players will not develop into world beaters with these status updates. Has that something special simply means that the specific player in question has a flair trait and it’s as simply as that, it means nothing.

The first decent status that you won’t mind being associated with your young stars is (showing great potential) which means that if your player has this, then he’ll get to 80 rated plus at some point in his career. It could end up that he gets to 90 overall there really is no telling, but he will definitely get to 80 guaranteed.

Next up from that is (an exciting prospect) which means your player will get up to 86 overall rating which is pretty decent. Again, he could exceed this rating and get even better but that depends on the training you put in with him. The best status and the one we all hope to get is has potential to be special.

Now this means the player will get to 90 rated at the height of his career which will make him one of the worlds best, and that is what we are looking to accomplish every time.

Glitching Players By Loaning Them

Now there are a few players and i literally mean only a few that can get potential to be special with a low overall and age. However, with the majority of other players you’ll notice it’s near impossible to get this with them, that is up until now.

What you have to do to glitch a player is send him out on loan to any club and for any duration. You then recall them back to the squad and their status will change hopefully for the better. We have worked out the formula behind this and basically you can only get showing great potential with players 60 rated plus. Anyone below that figure will not change no matter how many times you try it.

To get an exciting prospect you’ll need to get the player up to a 70 rating and upwards and train them as often as you possibly can. Finally, to get has potential to be special you’ll need to get the player dead-on 80 rated and then loan him out to recall. The best option is always to have a saved game as soon as they’re out on loan and keep loading the game back up again until you get the results that you want.

That’s it! We hope that these amazing tips helped all of you out on your career mode saved games with your young players and you can follow us on YouTube by subscribing to our channel and never missing a video.


  • What happened to the free player transfer glitch? Is it not available on fifa 16??

    • There are new cheats on the website right here and the YouTube channel for career mode and it’s to get loads of money to spend on players. The free player glitch works on PS3/Xbox 360 but not next-gen consoles Alan.

  • That whole thing about players with that special something is kinda wrong because in the previous fifa i bought a guy named bernard and he went up to 90 after to or three seasons

  • So, I posted a comment on the youtube video itself, but I did a lot more testing and confirmed my suspicions. You don’t have to be a certain rating to achieve ‘Potential to be Special’. There is just a more in-depth growth system than there was in previous Fifas. There is a range of each (possibly, not the last) that have to be traversed. If the scale is say 1 to 10, with 10 being PtbS and 0 being Since 20xx, you can only move like 3 ticks per loan (up and down). It looks like each level increases your value by around $500k (tested on Sterling and Euro and it was the same). So, when you have an exciting prospect and you return from loan $1.5 million more valuable, you have to loan him out again. Using this knowledge, I got Martial and Shaw to PtbS my first season as Man United.

    Also, it should be noted that if you loan out a player with “Recently Arrived…”, it goes to the proper potential message upon return. I never tried this in previous Fifas, but in Fifa 16, it does that.

  • I have 3 players come through my youth system below 70 overall with potential to be special. This formula may well work with players already established, but raising youth regens is where all of the potential is at.

    • Yes youth regens are really easy to glitch you’re right and real life players are a little more tricky to do but it’s all good 🙂

      • If you promote a regen with 58 overall, he will only show at the club since..? Even though he had potential 77-94 when i first got him.

  • The only thing showing on my recently bought players is “Recently arrived for…”. How can I check their potential anyways?

  • I have got jack freakish up to 80 overall and loaned him then recalled and he is only showing great potential, he is 21

  • would this work if you edited your chosen player to 80 overall and went from there?

  • Hey i am currently playing liverpool fc on career mode (2nd season) and i cant seem to improve the players potential statuses for e.g. Ibe was 71 at 19 and i brought him up to 79 at 21 but still shows showing great potential even with short loans. Origi was 76 at 20 and now is 80 at 21 and still shows exciting prospect. I bought niklas sule currently at 80 at 21 and is still exciting prospect. Is it because i am playing it on pc and maybe this glitch doesnt work on pc?

  • I don’t think this is correct, I have loaned out Tielemans at 78 and recalled him back mid season and got him back at ‘potential to be special’ it only took 5 reloads

  • I’ve also just done it with Niklas Sule, age 20 ovr 79, after 3 reloads, recall from loan and he came back with ‘potential to be special’

  • And now also Daniele Rugani age 21, ovr 79, after 5 reloads, recalled and returned ‘potential to be special’
    I think a little more investigation is needed

  • Is there a specific method when it comes to actually loaning out the players? It is nearly impossible for any of my players to go out on loan.

  • Is this glitch working on ps3?

  • It doesn’t seem to work at the Xbox 360 though…? Have anyone tried?

  • Huge fan of yours and the work you do. I’ve got myself in a fix and am wondering if you have any advice. While testing out different scout future stars I accidentally saved with a player who had 78-94 potential (normally I wait much longer to promote them) but he has the “at the club since” title. Do you know how I can boost that?

    • Hmmm only by loaning him out but if he came from the catalogue Chris then don’t worry i’m sure he’ll grow to a 90 rated player no matter what m8.

  • Hello, great work you’re doing here.
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if putting a player on his non-favourite position will have a negative effect on his growth.

    I play with Ajax and have Al Ghazi which is a great talent. He is a right winger and his best foot is his right, but I prefer to play with a right-footer on the left wing. But if I play with El Ghazi on the left wing while he is a RW, will this have a negative influence on his growth?

    Thanks for your reaction.

    Greetings from Holland 🙂

    • No Victor this doesn’t affect a players growth what so ever but it may make him unhappy at being played out of position but that’s as bad as it gets m8.

  • so you have to advance first or you recalled him right away after he loaned out?

    and if you recalled him, the growth point will reset right? does it affect to his potential eventhought his potential status doesnt change?

    already tried it for like ten time, and it doesnt work. I use will hughes, great potential, 75, age 20

  • and if you recalled him, the growth point will reset right? does it affect to his potential eventhought his potential status doesnt change?

    already tried it for like ten time, and it doesnt work. I use will hughes, great potential, 75, age 20

  • Does this glitchbwork og PS3? And dies it work with tre Young players from Tour academy?

  • Does it work om PS3

  • I have a youth player I promoted who has potential to be special and he’s a 74 loaned out to Chelsea for 2 full season with out recalling, got him back at 20 years old @ 74 rating with HPTBS. Now 21 a year later with a 84 rating. Not sure how I got a player lower than 80 with that status.

    • Dragoski the polish keeper got loaned out for a week with “recently arrived at club” he returned with same rating 74 and “has potential to be special” did same with 3 other young players with same tag all returned same as Dragoski so did it with all of them Reece Oxford, rashford, Marin, alli, St juste, There’s etc all returned same except for Oxford and rashford which had an exciting prospect with 67-70 rating how that happen?

  • I had two regen players who went from ‘exiting prospect’ ‘showing great potential’, just wondering if you know why? Cheers

  • Should i wait till the loan’s duration is finished ?