FIFA 16 Tiki Taka Tutorial – Passing Tips

Here are the very best tips on FIFA 16 tiki taka in this insane passing tutorial that will get you playing like FC Barcelona on the game in no-time. Watch the rather longer than usual video tutorial below to learn all the secrets on how to do this or continue to read on.

One thing you may notice about the above tutorial is that i hardly use any skill moves whatsoever! The reason for that is a lot of gamers would have searched this specific term and the majority of them might not be skillers. There are clips of skills being performed in the last couple of minutes of the video but i deliberately wanted to keep them to a minimum and concentrate on the passing aspect.


The first thing you need to do before anything is setup the tiki taka custom tactic that I’ve already done earlier in the year and follow all the steps from that. This basically sets your team up on Career Mode offline or indeed FUT online and it works perfectly with both.

You can pick any formation that suits your way of playing and it will still work, the tactic basically sets up your players positioning so that they’re always available when you have the ball. It also implements short passing just like Barcelona and Arsenal do for those tight little interchanges and triangles around the opponent. Not only that, i also show you how to save your custom tactic in Ultimate Team each time you play the game.


Using the first touch which we’ve also done a in-depth tutorial on here, you can create enough space without using too much thinking time. It’s simply flicking the right-stick so anyone who’s cautious or finds skill moves too daunting should not be too worried. All you have to do is implement it into your game as soon as possible and it’ll be one of the best things you’ve done since playing.


One very important part of tiki taka is the pinpoint pass or driven pass as it’s more commonly know. Again, an in-depth tutorial on the driven pass has already been done so you can check that out if you’re unsure on how to use it properly. This is to reach teammates on the other side of the pitch and ping the ball into the strikers when they’re in the opponents penalty area and it’s extremely effective.


This is not mandatory, but if you want your tiki taka style of patient build-up play to look beautiful on the eye then you can dummy the ball for other teammates. You can only perform this is if there’s a player behind the one you’re passing too and by simply holding down the R1 button on PlayStation, or RB button on Xbox and literally nothing else not even the left analogue stick.

This move is really amazing for confusing the opposition defence and is not easy to combat as it’s more than likely the opponent has never seen this kind of play before and won’t know how to defend against it.


If you were a viewer or last years installment of the tiki taka play then you’ll remember my tips about spreading the play to the other side of the pitch. This also still stands true for this years title and is a very important part of the formula. Yes this style is about short and crisp passes but there’s nothing wrong with spreading the ball and finding a teammate who’s completely free so that you can start and get going your tiki taka again.


The third man is arguably the most important factor to take in from this entire tutorial. It’s very hard to explain in text form so watching the video on this page will give you a greater understanding of how it works best. You will be basically watching your opponents movements towards the man who’s got the ball at his feel, the player you’re controlling. As well as that you need to look at who’s free (the receiver) so it’s about watching three players in total.

That’s it for all the tips today! Make sure you subscribe to our official YouTube channel to stay up to date on all things FIFA 16 and check back here at the website periodically each week as we are always releasing new guides to help you become a better player at the game.